My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine released on 26th, January 2009, it’s a horror genre film with 3D format, directed by Patrick Lussier. This film script written by Todd Farmer, Zane Smith, and acted by some actors, Jaime King, Jensen Ackles, Kerr Smith, Edi Gathegi, Kevin Tighe, Megan Boone, Betsey Rue, Richard John Walters.

This FILM told about valentine day that changes into a horrible tragedy. A killer that seeking people who celebrate valentine. Start with a tragic story, Tom Hanninger (Jensen Ackles), a friendly man, who works in a coal mining in a small town, Harmony. Because of his careless, it caused an accident in that dig up mine. So, it made 5 miners died and one coma, Harry Waden (Richard John Walters). A year then, on valentine day, Harry finally realized. But now, he become a wild man. He killes 20 people that belongs to that accident conspiration. Until now, the death come to Harry on his own created tragedy.
Ten years later, Tom come back to Harmony city with an intend to pay his fault. The terror come again. A group of mysterious murdered happened. And know it involved Sarah (Jaime King), a beloved woman by Tom, and Axel (Kerr Smith) Sarah’s husband who is a sheriff in that city, and Tom itself. The sanme terror come with a masked miner and mining and miner’s axe. Just like Harry’s tragedy. Will Harry resurrect from his death to pay his revenge?


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  1. Blog anda sesuai dengan ketentuan. Nilai sangat baik.

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