The special extra-ordinary friendship that looks like a family rather than a normal friend.



Intan, Cimplong, Uchiel, Cha2, Rezinsky, Hansen,

We help each other and try to improve our weakness. No need to get angry or disappointed. We always face the world with happiness and big SMILES!



SYCHO was made since a year ago. Before this, we have eight persons in our group, but because some other reasons, they’re out and it’s only six left now.

How we found our group’s name?

I didn’t really remember about this one but the only thing I know is, it’s comes when we talked and it’s about psychopath.

We’re not a psychopath of course. It’s just a name.

We’re so different with the psychopath. Can’t you look at our face. It’s an angel face, right?? 🙂 LOL!

I think we all love peace!

Who are our members?

At last, our members was eight. They’re Hansen, Cha2, Rezinsky, Intan, Cimplong, Uchiel, Virgin and Shaka. But now, it’s only six left, without Shaka and Virgin.

But even they didn’t belong to us anymore, we still connected.


The fullname is Chris Hansen. He’s a chinese and buddhist. He’s the only one who is buddhist. But don’t aware. We always respect others. He has white skin, a little bit red pimples in his face, tall, clever and diligent.


Jeffry Chayadi but we always called him Cha2, it’s more simple right. He’s a javanese and half chinese – from his mom’s blood and a christian. He has a light brown skin, tall and athletic body. He can play musical instrument for little.


Reza Dinerdsy is his real name, but don’t know why, he likes to be known as Rezinsky. He also a javanese and christian. He’s a basketball player and won at some competition. He has dark skin. He afraid with swimming. He said that he had a bad memory about swimming.


Intan Boedi, and I’m the writer of this post. ^^ I like to read many books and most of them are novel. I can’t play musical instrument but I really want to. Maybe I must study hard for it. 🙂 I’m a chinese and christian. I have light skin and dark brown hair. I used soft lense for my near-sighted problem.


Renate Gita called Cimplong because of her holes on the two sides of her cheeks. She played basketball and also a cheerleader. She’s a javanese and catholic. She is cha2’s girlfriend. She has dark skin and cute pony hair.


She called Uchiel because she’s the smallest one among us. Her real name is Vally Salamena. She’s half race, between javanese and chinese. She’s a christian but really afraid with ghost. She has a very little waist and short body. I think there’s no fat inside her skin. LOL 🙂 Just kidding! But she’s so funny.

What’ll we do after graduated?

I think all of us will continue to a college. And the correct answer is will we still a bestfriend? And the answer is of course YES. Whatever happen we’ll always be a bestfriend. We support each other and no need to be JEALOUS. We claimed every member as our own family.


Hello, there’s a news from SYCHO. We planned for our first tour. I don’t know where’ll we go, but maybe we’ll go to Bali or Jakarta.

We collect Rp 1,000/day to help us contribute the expenses of our journey, such as pay the hotel, buy the gas, buy food and others. And in this pages I also want to warn everyone who belongs to SYCHO and NOT PAY our day savings. NOW pay!!!  :)v

The one who delays the payment in two days will get charge 50% from the normal. ^^  Don’t you agree?? 😀

Then, we also open hand to everyone who wants to be our contributor. Just sends your money to our cash and we will say A BIG THANK YOU. We’ll also give you our exclusive photos and our signs behind it. Hahaha3x 😀


1 Comment

  1. wahahaha..tengkyu2..
    but u suck(juzkid)..
    u are my bestfriend at all
    hmmm…i think more than besfriends(lesbi…??!!of course not…)
    we are big family…

    bnerin bLogQjuga…ajarim…

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